Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Many miles to go........


Too much of time since my last yeah. That's what struck me and I thought I'd write some updates about the stuff that is happening

1) Financial Aid/Loan - Sorted. Just a little paper-work is remaining

2) VISA - After a few anxious moments, finally got my visa

3) Job - Informed. Aruged a bit and then a bit more. Serving the notice period, training my successor. Hoping to move to my parent's house in the second week of July. Really look forward to the joblessness

4) KWEST - The bonding trip - A small issue but I think it will be sorted out

5) Housing in Evanston - Finalized a house. Sent the deposit. Waiting to sign the lease

6) Immunizations - Took everything. Have a 3" X 3" red mark on my right arm.

7) Shopping - Pending

8) Pre-term course work - Pending

9) Meeting friends and saying goodbye - Pending

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